Project management

You will get the full power of Baow with project management.

Open project window

Click the button project , you will see the project management window as follows:

project manage

Select root path

Click the Root Path button in the project management window, you should select a root path where to save your data and pages. You can select a path by click the Select button.

root path

Input project information

Click the New Project button in the project management window, and input project information.

New project

Project Name and Path ID are required. You can leave next options blank.

Sphinx config

This is an optional step. You should continue to click the Sphinx Config button if you want to generate Sphinx document pages.

You should read Sphinx documents carefully when inputing the next options. They are plain texts, some of them with Python language format, check Sphinx document, please.


Open project

Finally, you should click the Open button to use one project settings and open data management window.


Shortcuts in project management window as follows:

F11 set start time
F12 set end time
Ctrl-l locate source item from search results
Alt-f scroll down 16 lines
Alt-v scroll up 16 lines
Alt-c open data management window
Alt-x copy project link
Alt-m open previous project
Alt-o search
Alt-u focus tree
Number record jump step
Space toggle folder open/close state
a add to favorites
Shift-d to delete
Delete delete an item
q locate an item from searh results
Shift-m open/close all items
n new project
Shift-n new sub project
b back
Shift-f forward
< to top
> to bottom
j focus down a line
Shift-j to bottom
Shift-l show current line
k focus up a line
K to top
, focus up item in same level
. focus down item in same level
u focus parent item
h close folder
Shift-h close all sub folder
o open this project
l open sub folder
c sphinx config
Shift-v show down more
Double click open this project and close window
Right click delete an item in favorites or history list from pop up menu.