Data Management


You can manage data in this window, and check or modify properties of it.


F1 new document
F2 new sub document
F3 move up
F4 move down
F8 show properties
F9 manage up level
F10 manage current item
F11 set start time
F12 set end time
Ctrl-1 set color style 1
Ctrl-2 set color style 2
Ctrl-3 remove color
Ctrl-Shift-a set priority A
Ctrl-Shift-b set priority B
Ctrl-Shift-c set priority C
Ctrl-Shift-d set priority D
Ctrl-0 cancel priority
Ctrl-l locate source item from search results
Ctrl-o open the folder where saved
Alt-1 locate the first item in favorites list
Alt-2 locate the second item in favorites list
Alt-3 locate the third item in favorites list
Alt-t set status as TODO
Alt-n set status as NEXT
Alt-0 set status as null
Alt-d set status as DONE
Alt-h set status as HOLD
Alt-w set status as WAITING
Alt-e set status as DELAY
Alt-a set status as CANCELLED
Alt-i ignore
Alt-r open the project management window
Alt-s to sub link
Alt-l to link
Alt-x copy link
Alt-p paste link
Alt-m open previous project
Alt-b back
Alt-f scroll down 16 lines
Alt-v scroll up 16 lines
Alt-o search
Alt-u focus tree
Alt-Space select
Number record jump step
Space toggle folder open/close state
a add to favorites
Shift-d delete
Delete delete an item
RETURN open it , toggle open state for folder.
e open it at right pannel
x show properties at right pannel
z close the right pannel
w toggle focus mode
q locate an item from searh results
Shift-r to link source
r to root
Shift-m open/close all items
m move
n create new document
Shift-a create new document on the top in sub folder.
Shift-n create new sub document
b back
Shift-f forward
g open it with Gvim editor
s manage sub level
f new link
< to top
> to bottom
j focus down a line
Shift-j to bottom
Shift-l show current line
k focus up a line
K to top
, focus up item in same level
. focus down item in same level
Shift-u manage parent item
u focus parent item
h close folder
Shift-h close all sub folder
l open sub folder
t open all sub folder
v show properties window
o open
Shift-o open and close window
Shift-v show down more
c copy
Alt-click select
Middle click open data and close window
Right click delete an item in favorites or history list from pop up menu.